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ISD Homilies 

Anna Marie is a medium who combines her talents of medium-ship and Tarot for an in-depth look at the future. With over 20 years experience, she brings her own unique blend of wisdom and knowledge to an ancient art. For a personal reading please call THE ISD HOLISTIC CENTER..973-551-5300.

Kathy has been an International Astrologer, writer, teacher, hypnotherapist and lecturer for over 35 years. She has hosted a TV show “The Metaphysical Messenger” and has just published her book “Balancing Your Orbit.” Kathy lectures, teaches and conducts workshops on varied metaphysical subjects, including: The Laws of Attraction and Abundance; Treasure Mapping; "EFT"- Emotional Freedom Technique; and Astrology. For an astrology reading or to book a workshop or lecture for your group or organization.
Kathy now offers readings at the institute two days a week. 
Contact: 973-551-3466 * email: kathy@kathykerston.com
web: www.kathykerston.com
Reverend Kathy Kerston: ISD Director and Spiritual Advisor.
Reverend Anna Marie Ludwig 

As a Psychic reader and an Alchemist, Thony utilizes Tarot cards in his readings to help individuals recognize their true inner self. He is a master at blending Ancient Ways with the many other Spiritual Pathways. His goal is to empower us to get connected with our own Spirituality so we can reclaim what we have brought with us from past lives and find the essence of our being. He is available for private readings by appointment.

Contact:  973-477-1855 * email:  tinnocent@aol.com
Reverend Thony Innocent:  

Reverend Christina Fritsch 
Christina is a Medium who strives to prove that life is continual..."that there is no death." She uses Tarot to focus and tune into the Spirit World. During a reading, the Spirit helpers will give information that guide the individual on his or her path, hopefully making their journey on this earth plane more joyful…"Our loved ones in Spirit are just a thought away."

Christina Fritsch, LPC, MA is a licensed Psychotherapist in private practice. She has been affiliated with the ISD since 1989.
Contact: 973-729-0644

Norma is one of the first members of the ISD and has been studying Metaphysics for the over 30 years. As an adept trance medium, her inspired messages from the other side of life can be viewed on Youtube and at her website www.roncarspeaks.com. Norma is a regular reader at our Psychic Fairs and Message Circles. Norma is available for Tarot readings, and personal channeling sessions by appointment. 
Contact: 973-702-3071 * email: norma@roncarspeaks.com
web: www.roncarspeaks.com
Reverend Norma Victor 

Reverend Diana Flanagan, Director of ISD Madison
Diana has been a healing practitioner for over 27 years. She practices tarot readings, channeling, past life regressions, Matrix Energetics, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and counseling. She has developed workshops on human awareness and self-expression using the Enneagram and other healing modalities. As a metaphysical minister, she has worked with couples to create their own individual and special weddings. Dianna is available by appointment.

Contact:  201 970-5356 *  email: diana6139@aol.com 

John’s work is rooted in the ancient ways of indigenous peoples, yet it reaches into the modern day world of quantum physics. A Shaman journeys to the Spirit world to bring back healing, knowledge and power. John’s Shamanic healing experience includes soul retrieval, depossession, psychopomp, divination, and extraction work. He has studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with prominent Celtic shamans. John also calls upon his psychic and mediumship abilities in his readings.

Contact: 973-865-0605  *  jvdrinkard3@verizon.net
 Reverend John Drinkard 
Our Ministerial Staff at the ISD

Reverend Penny Roland  
Now a resident of the Nashville area of Tennessee

Contact:  973-903-8084  *  email: pcrolandsr@gmail.com