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TANZA -Dynamic Transformation TANZA -Dynamic Transformation
"A new way of being in the world".
Friday, Dec. 8th, 7- 9 PM Facilitator: Tzveta DaVinci

TANZA -Dynamic Transformation

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TANZA -Dynamic Transformation "A new way of being in the world". Friday, Dec. 8th, 7- 9 PM Facilitator: Tzveta DaVinci

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TANZA -Dynamic Transformation 
A new way of being in the world.

Increasing your personal energy may be the answer you have been looking for. The question is…
Where does this energy come from? It comes from within. And it can be generated with TANZA
. The benefits of TANZA are countless: from a joyful workout (and an instant face lift), to a shift in perception and attitude, a sense of lightness and peace, an awakening to a deeper level of you.
TANZA – an opportunity to experience a total transformation: Body-Mind-Spirit.TANZA – a fusion of free movements, laughing and shaking: A synthesis of tribal music and guided meditation, activating the body’s energy forces to create a total shift in our lives.
Release, rejuvenate and refresh: Experience a profound physical, emotional and mental detox.
A two hour TANZA  experience will increase your personal energy, so you  can create anything you want
As you embark on this exciting journey, here are a few suggestions to help you prepare:
•Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the event
•Wear comfortable clothes so that you can move freely
•Bring a small towel and plenty of water for your transformation work
•Bring a light blanket for the meditation, and a note pad for recording the gifts and messages you may receive during your journey.
•And, last but not least, bring a willingness to shift and transform.
Feel free to send me an email with any questions or concerns you may have.

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