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Psychic Development Workshop for Children PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN
Sunday, October 20th
1:00 PM - 5:00 pm
Presenter: Garry Gewant

Psychic Development Workshop for Children


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PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN Sunday, October 20th 1:00 PM - 5:00 pm Presenter: Garry Gewant

Product Detail:

Does your child accept their psychic abilities and want to develop and build upon them?

Or Does your child have certain psychic gifts that confuse or even frighten them or you?

Are these “gifts” viewed by your child (or by you) as a curse as opposed to a gift?

Does your child ask you questions about Metaphysical subjects that you can’t answer?

Then this workshop is for the both of you . . . This workshop is designed for children in order to answer questions that children have about the broad subject of Metaphysics and how they (children) fit into the natural world. Besides discussion and Q&A's the kids will be doing very basic psychic exercises. This will also be a class where your child will meet other children who have the same questions. Clearly, this is a class for kids, but it is also for you, their parent. You will be meeting the parents of kids who may have gone through (or are presently going through) the same challenges you and your family are faced with.

Garry Gewant – Garry has been a member of the ISD for almost 20 years and is a retired special education high school teacher, a hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regressionist, a Medium and the author of I'll Take Hypnosis with a Side of Mediumship: A Journey from Atheism to Spirituality, and is uniquely qualified to teach this class. Children MUST be accompanied by a parent (not a guardian). Questions? Call Garry at 908- 852-4635. Contact Garry via email at garry@hyp4life.com, or visit  www.hyp4life.com.

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