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The Bodies Of Man, Part 1 The Bodies of Man, Part 1
Sunday October 6th 12:30 – 2:30 PM
with Lucia Cochran

The Bodies Of Man, Part 1

25 -30

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The Bodies of Man, Part 1 Sunday October 6th 12:30 – 2:30 PM with Lucia Cochran

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The Bodies of Man  Part 1
Lucia Cochran
Sunday  October 6th  12:30 – 2_30

The physical body
The astral body
The mental body
The spiritual body
These bodies belong to the world of creation, and thus are temporal. They have form and each has a specific function that allows man to express himself in the world.
Each has a conscious and subconscious mind that is programmed at spirit level through each incarnation.
We come to this 3D dimension, space and time to learn and grow/evolve.
It is essential that we become aware of, and learn to release the energies. It is believed that they may affect us in this incarnation, energetically and acting as blocks to moving forward, seeing opportunities, and living life at a higher frequency.
This class will involve lengthy conversation on this topic.  Learn avenues on how to clear and remove these blocks.   Learn how to lift your vibration and release toxic emotions be it in challenging times or just anytime you choose.
Lucia will demonstrate her clearing technique by doing a group consciousness clearing on the class and explain/discuss the importance of keeping clear.

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