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The Shaman Way 101 The Shaman Way 101
Sunday, September 9 at 1:00 PM
Instructors: Denise Saracco-Zoppi, Medicine Woman, Ordained Minister, LMT and Joshua Zoppi, Shaman & Medium.

The Shaman Way 101

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The Shaman Way 101 Sunday, September 9 at 1:00 PM Instructors: Denise Saracco-Zoppi, Medicine Woman, Ordained Minister, LMT and Joshua Zoppi, Shaman & Medium.

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Ancient and full of Medicine, Shamans have been the Bridges for Spirit since the Prehistoric Era. Connecting with the Powers of Nature, Ancestors, and Spirit Beings, Shamans have forged a way for all peoples in every culture to have a direct experience with the Sacred. This workshop will provide the very basic practices of most every Shaman around the world.

You will learn how to:
• Engage the Sacred from the Seven Directions (the Medicine Wheel)
• Create a Shaman's home altar
• Meet your Primary Power Animal or Spirit Teacher
• Cultural variances in Shamanic practices
• Create Sacred Space for all spiritual work
• Access the Spirit Realms via traditional Shamanic Journey methodology

Powerful transformative healing is a natural byproduct of engaging in this work. Be initiated into the sacred realmof Spirit! Please bring drums, rattles, notebook, pen, eyeshade, and something to lie on for journey work.

 About Denise: Denise has been walking the Medicine Way for as long as she can remember. Initiated by spirit via grand mal seizures beginning at the age of 2, Denise's relationship with the spirit world has been a lifelong journey filled with healing, sacredness, and most importantly, Love. She is the CEO and Founder of Ayni Healing Arts Center in Mount Arlington. Denise enjoys her medicine work with spirit via massage, shamanic healing sessions, Reiki, crystal healing, sound therapy, spiritual counseling, grief work, house blessings, readings, and more. Both in-person and FaceTime sessions are available. www.aynihealingartscenter.com

About Joshua: Joshua started his shamanic path in 2012 and has since grown deeper into his practice of self healing and working with others to help them on their journeys. Joshua uses his ability to interpret oracle cards to provide guidance and loving assistance to his clients. As a child, Joshua was able to see and speak with Spirit, but walking the Shamanic path has enabled the gift to open further. He uses his connection to the other side to bring forth messages of love, closure, and forgiveness. Joshua is Director of Ayni Healing Arts Center and also facilitates drum circles, fire ceremonies, Psycopomp work, while assisting in healing circles, Shaman programs, and house blessings.

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