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Trauma, Treatment and Wholeness, Feb 17, 2019 Trauma, Treatment and Wholeness
Sunday, February 17, at 1:00 PM
Facilitator: Rev. John Drinkard

Trauma, Treatment and Wholeness, Feb 17, 2019


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Trauma, Treatment and Wholeness Sunday, February 17, at 1:00 PM Facilitator: Rev. John Drinkard

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Most of us have been subjected to
some form of trauma. We are all
wounded. Trauma is a penetrating
wound that separates us from our
sense of self and causes us to feel
personally defective, inadequate, or
unworthy. The audience for this workshop
is: veterans, fire, police, first
responders, survivors of sexual
assault, violent crime, accidents, natural
disasters, domestic violence,
abuse, neglect, addiction, and burnout.
Also, people who have experienced
the loss of personal health or
a loved one’s health, the death of a
loved one, betrayal by a significant
other, families of the traumatized,
personal and professional caregivers.
When we experience a traumatic
event, it gets stuck in our bodies;
and whenever we replay that event,
it causes stress in our bodies and in
our lives. Many times we can’t even
remember these events, but because
the emotions associated with them
are trapped in our bodies, they can
cause disturbances in
our lives and in our
health. Since trauma
is stored in our bodies
we need to address
the mind body connection
to return to
wholeness. Talk therapy alone will
not restore us to health. We need to
integrate the mind and body with
practices like embodied meditation,
body awareness and EFT (tapping)
to insure success in trauma treatment.
In this hands on workshop we will
explore embodied meditation, body
awareness and tapping. We will create
a safe haven so wounded people
can learn to love, forgive, and trust
themselves to navigate in the world
Come join us for an extraordinary
afternoon of welcoming home the
disenfranchised parts of ourselves
that we previously banished into

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