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Messages From Loved Ones in Spirit, Advance Registration Thursday, Sept. 20th 7:30 PM
An Evidential Mediumship Gallery
With Our VERY Special Guests!
British Medium Rev. Simon James,
Canadian Medium Rev. Brian Robertson and
Rev. Janet NohavecMessages

Messages From Loved Ones in Spirit, Advance Registration

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Thursday, Sept. 20th 7:30 PM An Evidential Mediumship Gallery With Our VERY Special Guests! British Medium Rev. Simon James, Canadian Medium Rev. Brian Robertson and Rev. Janet NohavecMessages

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SIMON JAMES As a young man, Simon James was among the few mediums whose development was guided by Gordon Higginson, one of the greatest mediums of the 20th century. Concurrent with his mediumistic development, Simon completed a degree in Applied Psychology, which he introduced as a course at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. There he became the youngest tutor in the college’s history as well as a course organizer. Throughout this time, Simon’s work took him throughout the UK, demonstrating and teaching mediumship and the intuitive arts. Subsequently, he expanded his travels, working throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Simon is currently a Director of the Inner Quest Foundation and the Vice-President of the Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary in Victoria, Canada. When at home, Simon teaches, demonstrates and participates in establishing research panels and training programs in all aspects of Rational Spiritualism. Simon also continues to teach and demonstrate throughout the UK, and he is a tutor, a senior course organizer and an assessor at a number of institutes. He is one of only a few tutors in Britain who is qualified to teach the instructors of mediumship. He has a vast knowledge of comparative religion and has studied extensively the spiritual traditions of different world cultures. Today Simon James is recognized as one of the UK’s finest classical spiritual mediums.

BRIAN ROBERTSON Brian Robertson has been involved with Spiritualism for the past twenty-eight years. He is known for the high quality of his mediumship and his natural demonstration skills. Together with these abilities, Brian’s down-to-earth authentic approach to working on the self has made him a much sought-after teacher and speaker. Frequently a keynote speaker, Brian has shared his wealth of knowledge on a broad range of topics with people from a diversity of social, cultural, religious, philosophical and educational backgrounds. People with diverse interests and experiences, from students of the intuitive arts and postgraduate university students to teachers and medical professionals, have learned and developed through Brian’s teaching and have received the benefit of Brian’s education and expertise in the self-help and intuitive fields. Throughout his career, Brian has worked internationally for a number of organizations. In 1995 he became the first Canadian instructor at the Arthur Findlay College. Brian also does consulting work for a number of groups, both religious and secular, offering his knowledge and proven techniques for working on the self and on altered states. In addition to his speaking and teaching, Brian writes about matters related to the intuitive arts and spiritual and mediumistic matters and has had a number of his articles published in newspapers and magazines around the world.

JANET NOHAVEK Janet Nohavec was born and raised in northern New Jersey. A medium since birth, she has conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of four. As a young adult, Janet entered religious life and spent five years as a Catholic nun. After leaving the convent, she felt drawn to work with her mediumship, and she received extensive training to polish her gift. Janet now teaches and demonstrates mediumship internationally. She is co-founder of the Journey Within School for Mediumship. She is also pastor and founder of The Journey Within, A Center for Spiritual Evolvement, Inc. She has appeared and demonstrated her mediumship live on numerous radio programs and has been the focus of several newspaper articles. Janet treasures the gift of her mediumship, through which she evidentially proves the continuation of life after death. She continues to reside in New Jersey where her school, church and private practice thrive.

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